INFANTInfant Program

The infant program provides a warm, safe, and caring environment for children from 6 weeks to 15 months and their families. Tuition for the infant program includes diapers, infant formula,and bedding. In our highly collaborative infant program, parents and teachers work together as a team to meet the unique needs of all infants.

We understand that communication with parents is critical, especially for infants. Daily activities and events will be communicated to parents on the “Baby’s Daily Notes,” a form outlining the details of your infant’s day. Diaper changes, naps, meals, and comments from the teacher will be documented in detail on this form. The teacher will also include any necessary reminders or suggestions for parents to review.

We embrace sign language in our infant program as it is a vital form of communicating with a child who has yet to develop verbal skills. Research has shown amazing benefits result from using sign language and the connection with verbal development, reduction in tantrums, fussiness, and stress. Parents will be encouraged to continue this form of communication at home to reinforce the progress.