TODDLERToddler Program

The toddler program is for children 15 months through 2 years of age and encourages children to “learn by doing.” All diapering needs, including diapers, Pull-Ups, wipes, and ointments are included in the tuition for the toddler program. Our toddler classroom is an exploratory environment where toddlers learn independence and develop critical social, emotional, and self-help skills all while learning to cooperate with others. By having the freedom to explore their environment, they can begin to learn independence, social-emotional skills, cooperation, and self-help skills.

Sign language will continue to be part of the toddler program as a form of communication in the classroom.

Teachers will use “Toddler’s Daily Notes” to communicate the activities and events of the day to parents. Diaper changes, naps, meals, and comments from the teacher will be documented in detail on this form. The teacher will also include any necessary reminders or suggestions for parents to review.