“I first met Mrs. Brenda Spangler during our initial visit to the daycare where she is the Director of the preschool. When you are a first time parent and have to leave your child in care of someone else, you go mad! Beforehand, I had read the parent handbook, online reviews, websites/social media and even spoke with a friend whose children were attending the preschool. Yet, I had hundreds of questions, if not thousands, I had to see everything during our tour including the kitchen and ALL the available bathrooms. My child was in need of a few dietary accommodations as well as particular brands of diapers and wipes, and even language since she was exposed minimum to the English language at home. So here I was with tremendous worries and doubts, and believe it or not, my deal was to observe an entire day via the cameras outside the classrooms, and yes, I sat for 9 hours straight in the lobby and watched my child.

I can’t tell you, how much support we received from Mrs. Brenda and each teacher of the preschool during this difficult transition. They make us feel so comfortable and important. Mrs. Brenda shows us parents and our children so much care and love in so many ways. She is always patient, listens to my concerns, treats me and my child with respect and dignity, and in her book of operation no question is silly and we are all important. The programs that are offered and the quality and standard are fabulous. Everything that she told us during our tour and initial visit us exactly how it is. There are no exaggerations or false statements or confusions with what she explained to us – thus Mrs. Brenda has gained our trust, respect and praise. She is loved not only by the parents, but by our children as well. She has made a difference with the quality of care she provides at her preschool for the children.

Although I am deeply saddened that Mrs. Brenda is leaving the preschool and our children, but it is with my best wishes for her and her future endeavors. She has the power and potential for making goof things happen! Thank you for everything you have done for our children at Creme de La Creme.”

– Sahar

 It brings me great pleasure to write this letter on behalf of Brenda Spangler. As a new mom looking for the perfect day care for my child well in advance of the day he is due, you can only imagine the overwhelming feeling I was experiencing during this time. The moment I walked into the building and started speaking with Brenda, I knew this was THE place for my son.

As Brenda walked me around the building she knew all the right things to say to make a new mom feel confident in the fact their child would be kept safe, protected and would have opportunities to learn at all times throughout the day. Exactly what I needed and wanted. As a Director of a school, for students with autism and related disabilities, you can only imagine the next questions on my mind. “How will you accommodate my son, if he is born with a disability?” In so many words, Brenda made me realize, “let’s cross that bridge SHOULD we get to it.”

On January 12th, 2014 my son was born. He was the most perfect little boy I have ever met that was born with laryngomalacia, a congenital abnormality of the cartilage in ones’ larynx. For the first six months of his life and more so the first three months of his life, we had to keep a close eye on his ability to breathe, eat and sleep without his cartilage rings collapsing and causing him to stop breathing. Around one month old, I contacted Brenda and we met so I could inform her of my son’s abnormality and the issues we had been facing. I told her about a special swing he had to sleep in, the angle at which he needed to eat, and the importance of monitoring him especially while he slept. Her response, “anything need us to do, you just tell us. If you need us to purchase a special swing for him to sleep in, please get us a doctor’s note and WE will purchase the swing for him. Feel free to come in to speak with his teachers on any specifics so they are well aware prior to his start date.” You can imagine my feelings of emotion that ran through me; relief, happy, scared, nervous, all wrapped up in one.

When my son was two months old, it was time for him to begin full days. Instead of starting him full time, I made a last minute decision for him to be there part time; three days a week so that him and I could both adjust to this transition. Brenda accommodated my last minute decision from full time to part time, without any question. Brenda and the staff were very understanding; willing to do anything I asked and even allowed my numerous, nervous mom phone calls throughout the day to check on him. When I made the decision for my son to begin full time, again, Brenda made the switch without questions or concern.

All this said, I could not be more thankful to have met and worked with Brenda on enrolling my son at the best place for him. My son and I will truly miss her and her dedication after October 31st.  Thank you again for everything Brenda.


Brenda is very dependable, trustworthy and a great team player.

– Chris Gnat, Director

In the eight years that I have worked with Brenda, she has proven herself to be a very reliable, pleasant and trustworthy person.

– Maribeth Duchon, Director

Brenda would be an asset to any position within the company. She has a wonderful rapport with families and staff alike.

– Valerie Sicaras, Administrative Assistant

Brenda not only is a responsible person, she has integrity and pride in everything she does. Brenda is an asset to any business as well as a friend.

– Patty Skolnok, Home Office

Brenda is as dependable and trustworthy as they come. I feel that she will do very well as a director of Crème de la Crème and the children will be better for having known her and been under her care.

– Richard Kleman, Home Office, Contractor

Brenda is an extremely professional manager with attention to detail. Her sensibility serves as a great role model.

– Julie Bowles, Home Office

I would like to recommend Brenda Spangler as an employee for your organization. I know Ms. Spangler both professional and personally.Both personally and professionally Brenda is someone you can put your trust in. Brenda proves herself day in and day out in her current position as Director of Administration. While maintaining her professionalism, Brenda Does  what it takes to get the job done. I feel that whoever is fortunate enough to hire Brenda Spangler wil reveive excellent return on their investment. Brenda has demonstrated strong leadership skills, maturity, superior judgment capabilities, and an unwavering work ethic. Please feel free to contact me for confirmation of this recommendation.

– Erica Farmey, Director